About Us

Welcome to Theastmas.com! We just got the website up and are still working on it, but we wanted to introduce ourselves.

My name is Ben, my wife is Sarah, and we have two children. Since most of our families live in town, we have a lot of events to attend during the holidays. It seemed like there was never enough time and we rushed from place to place. By the end, we were all tired and not in the holiday spirit.

It seems like we have a lot more free time in the summer. It’s a wonderful time to see people since the kids are out of school and people can take vacation time easier. My birthday is in July, so I wanted to have a fun get together with the family and friends that mean the most to me. So, I created Theastmas. It is a combination of Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. We have celebrated Theastmas for several years now and add new things each year. We have an extremely fun time and are able to enjoy the best of the Big 3 Holidays without all the stress and rushing around.

Besides family and friends, my favorite thing about Theastmas is that you can incorporate your favorite holiday foods and traditions from the different holidays into this one new holiday!